The Spurs Way

Attached is an article written by Tony Parker about his time in San Antonio. He touches on the “Spurs Way” and what it means to be a part of that organization. I really enjoyed it, and I believe it is a must read for all coaches and players. Enjoy!

“Everyone had their expectation of winning championships. But then they also had this other responsibility, that they valued just as much, of, like … leaving the team in better shape than when they found it. And that’s Spurs Culture, to me, you know? Fulfilling your expectations, while also making room for this larger responsibility to the whole.”

“Timmy was the most coachable great player of all time.”

“That was always our secret weapon, to me: You see this all-world player, this All-NBA First Team, MVP of the Finals, about to be MVP of the league guy, and here he is in practice, willing to be coached like he’s fighting for a spot on the team. It was unreal. And if you think that’s too passive for a star player to be? Well, then you’re not thinking it through on Tim’s level. Because Tim knew the truth: which was that to let himself be coached in this way, you know … that’s true charisma, and that’s true swagger. It’s like he was challenging everyone else in our gym: The best player in the entire league is willing to put his ego aside for the good of this team — are you?”

“Anything that happens on his watch, it happens for one reason and one reason only. The good of the Spurs.”

“All we wanted, in the end, was to win titles together. That’s all that mattered. It was Pop’s way, which meant it was our way. Which meant it was the Spurs Way.”


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