The Life Of Igor Kokoskov-The Basketball Junkie

Attached is an article that I really enjoyed about Igor Kokoskov, the new Phoenix Suns Head Coach. Igor has been in the NBA for almost two decades now with numerous organizations and is now the head coach of the Suns. He is also coaching their summer league team and I am really enjoying what they are doing offensively. Be on the lookout for a breakdown of what they’re doing soon. The article really does a great job of emphasizing how much Igor loves what he does. I am a huge believer in following your passions and doing what you love to do. This is a great example of that.

“What does a basketball junkie do when he can’t play? He coaches.”

“I never came here searching for a job. My job was focusing on getting better.”

So what does Kokoskov do when he’s not coaching basketball? He thinks about basketball.

“That’s my hobby,” Kokoskov said. “I’m glad my job today is my hobby, also. Maybe our parents, they were not so fortunate. Obviously we work, too, but this is my pleasure.”

The Life of Igor

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