In the Rain, in the Cold, in the Dark-The Story of Graciela and White Walls Turning Black

Attached is an one of the BEST articles I’ve come across recently written by Argentina’s Angel Di Maria on The Players’ Tribune. This article talks about sacrificing for your team, doing whatever it takes to win, persevering through adversity, staying mentally ready for when your time comes, and how hard work pays off. I really enjoyed this article and hope you do too.

I said, “If it’s me, it’s me. If it’s another, then it’s another. I just want to win the World Cup. If you call on me, I will play until I break.”

“So just imagine this: A woman biking through town with a little boy on the back and a little girl on the side, and a kit bag in the basket with my boots and some snacks. Up hills. Down hills. Through the dangerous neighborhoods. In the rain. In the cold. In the dark. It didn’t matter. My mother just kept pedaling.”

“I think that nowadays people look on Instagram or YouTube, and they see the results, but they don’t see the cost. They don’t know the journey.”

“They watch the World Cup Final, and all they see is a result. 0–1. But they don’t see how hard so many of us fought to get to that moment. They don’t know about my living room walls turning from white to black. They don’t know about my father working under a little tin roof. They don’t know about my mother riding Graciela through the rain and the cold, for her children. They don’t know about Hercules.”

In the Rain, in the Cold, in the Dark

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