Draft Day

Attached is an article from one of my favorite coaching resources Cleaning The Glass about the how the draft process unfolds. Included in the article are questions and answers regarding different aspects and concepts within the draft process. I loved this piece and it was extremely informational. Enjoy.

“Regardless of the time zone, I’d be exhausted by the end of the draft, because once things start, there’s not much of a break. Even during picks that have nothing to do with your team, you’re locked in, anticipating, thinking about how the draft could unfold and if it is creating opportunities for trades. Multiple members of the front office might be working the phones, taking the temperature of other teams on deal concepts. You might have conversations as a group as things unfold. The GM might ask the room questions like: “If this guy falls to us unexpectedly, how excited are we about him? Would we want to try to trade back or out?”

This above excerpt is a great insight into contingency planning, and how prepared they are. There are numerous scenarios and situations they have to go over, and this is just one example of that.

Draft Process Q&A

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