My Favorite Resources

Over the past few months, I have compiled a list of resources that I typically use for growth (articles, podcasts, teaching videos). These resources have been instrumental for me and my growth as a coach, and hopefully they will be just as beneficial for you. As always enjoy.

Here is a list of my favorite resources:

The Basketball Dictionary – This is a blog on Medium that is managed by Fort Wayne Mad Ants Assistant Coach Dylan Murphy that contains teaching videos on basketball terminology and strategies that are currently being used. Watching his videos and reading his posts will improve your basketball knowledge whether you are a coach or casual fan. Dylan does a great job with this. If you want to follow him his twitter handle is @DylanTMurphy. – This is a site that is managed my Army Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Zak Boisvert. Zak does an outstanding job of posting great articles, podcasts, basketball terminology and strategies, and anything that is beneficial to leaders in all industries. Zak’s twitter handle is @ZakBoisvert.

AthleticDirectorU – This is a site that has caught my eye recently that is posting great articles particularly of interest to people that are associated within the interscholastic sporting world. This site touches on AD and Head Coach relationships, culture building, fundraising, and anything that involves leadership within interscholastic sport. The Twitter handle for this site is @AD_University.


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