Attached is an article written about Buzz Williams’ use of analytics. There are some great takeaways about culture, recruiting, strategy, and a few other things if you aren’t an analytics person. Enjoy.

“What we saw from past footage on Blossomgame is that if you put a smaller guard on him, it takes him out of his comfort zone and it makes him want to go into the post and post up. In our minds that took away from the post touches that their other good post players would get,” Johnson said. “Also we just looked at his analytic numbers off of Synergy. For example, when he played against this kid and this kid was at this height, how many points did he score, how many shots did he take and where were those shots taken?”

“In practice we count touches. So if me and you high-five each other, how many touches did you have at the end of the day? We feel that your touches and your high-fives motivate your teammates to get through that practice,” Johnson said.

“At the end of each week, for practice, we have something called a belt winner,” Johnson said. “That comes from analytic numbers from the touches, from the dives on the floor, how much talking and how many times you put your hands on your knees, which shows signs of weakness, so we count that and that’s a negative analytic that we take into account.”


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