The Belichick Way

Attached is a great article that was written by Micheal Lombardi prior to the Super Bowl. There are some really good points to take away for coaches regarding strategy. Enjoy.

Belichick treats every game like a Super Bowl; no detail is too small, no possible scenario or situation goes overlooked.

Belichick doesn’t take away what the opponent does best, but what their individual players do best. It’s a subtle but crucial difference. He personally breaks down every offensive player to understand their strengths within their team’s scheme. Then, he matches the talents of New England’s defensive players to whatever system he’s created for that week.

Belichick’s first quarter will be all about building a lead and learning Atlanta’s plan. Taking away Julio Jones, eliminating the big play, setting the edge, creating the lead early, stopping the run — those are not independent thoughts. Belichick ties them together and makes them work together. If football were as simple as “taking away what the opponent does best,” then we wouldn’t be constantly bemoaning the lack of quality NFL coaching. Bill Belichick has lasted this long because he knows football is more complicated than that.


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