Article Of The Day: Learning From NFL Combine Busts When Hiring

Attached is an article from Forbes that was written about the hiring process. This can apply to hiring in any organization including recruiting in collegiate athletics. There are some simple, but effective techniques in here to take note of. Enjoy.

3 Pre-Hiring Necessary Steps:

  1. Complete Comprehensive Background Checks.
  2. Check References Really Carefully.
  3. Conduct Multiple Interviews. 

My Takeaways:

  1. Make sure to dig deep into your potential hire’s past and acquire as much relevant information as possible on the prospect. 
  2. Ask the right questions when calling references. How would they fit into our culture? Are they a team player? 
  3. Don’t be overtaken by one performance. See the prospect play several times, feel him out before you make a decision. 


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