Article of The Day: Building A Winning Franchise

Attached is a great article written by Andrew Brandt of Sports Illustrated about building a winning franchise. This article has some great information about the long way to success, and that often times there are no shortcuts for overnight success. One example of this is the Philadelphia 76ers and their rebuilding model. Enjoy.

“How then, do you achieve sustained success in the NFL? Every team is looking for that answer, but one common trait of successful teams is that they have an unshakeable philosophy that stands the test of time. Some may not like their team-building philosophies, or the way they handle contracts, or the risks they take (or don’t take) on character, but with organizations such as the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Seahawks, Ravens, Cowboys and a few more, you know what you are getting. Conversely, teams that bounce from one strategy or philosophy (often with different decision-makers) never establish a culture that players and fans can know and trust.”


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