Billy Donovan Clinic Notes

Attached below are notes from 2008 “The Clinic to End All Clinics.” These are from Billy Donovan about “Coaching The Mindset.” There is some great stuff in here about goal setting, role allocation, and lots more. Enjoy.

Bill Belichick met with the team shortly before the SEC tournament. Showed them a video of the Breeders’ Cup (horse race) and paused the tape halfway through the race with the outcome still up in the air. He asked the team “Who will win? The horse with the most experienced jockey? The horse who has won the most money? The horse with the best odds prior to the race?” The team was puzzled, “No, it’s the horse that runs the best race from here on out.” You can’t focus on prior accomplishments/failures, you must only focus on the present and doing your best the next play.

Billy Donovan Clinic Notes

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