The Education Of A College Basketball Coach

Attached is an article written by Tom Crean the former basketball coach for the Indiana Hoosiers for Athletic Director U about the education of a college coach. Coach Crean is brilliant, and you will not find a better man in society. I love to listen and learn from him. Enjoy.

“For the longest time, I thought becoming a great coach and building a winning team meant discovering my players’ and staff’s strengths and then using them to offset their weaknesses. But the truth is if you’re going to spend your whole life running away from your inadequacies, you will never develop the willpower to execute on the skills that you have. Attempting to ignore our emotions, much like trying to minimize our weaknesses, only serves to amplify them. That’s why effective leaders don’t try to suppress their inner thoughts, just like they don’t simply ignore the flaws of those they are trying to lead. Instead, they develop emotional agility – the ability to the harness their emotions and learn to apply them to the right people, in the right situations and during the right times.”

“The first is a player’s ability to interpret his emotions, what we call self-awareness – his ability to recognize and understand whatever it is he needs to do to face his self-doubt and insecurities head on and use them as a catalyst to improve not only himself, but also the people around him.  It’s not just about being competitive. It’s about accepting his role within the organization and appreciating that the positive outcomes he so desperately covets can come about as a result of not just his own accomplishments, but also from his teammate’s happiness. Without self-awareness, there is no emotional throttle control, and the likelihood of misguided behavior increases dramatically, especially when you are dealing with young adults.”


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