The Dynamic Leadership Podcast with Virginia Tech Head Coach Buzz Williams

Attached is the link to The Dynamic Leadership Podcast with Virginia Tech’s Head Coach Buzz Williams from Athletic Director U. Coach Williams is one of my favorite coaches to learn from. This is a great podcast that has a tremendous amount of takeaways. Hosted by Maine’s Head Coach Bob Walsh. Enjoy.

“The foundation of anything has to be based on love.” “Genuine love cannot have an agenda.”-When asked why his teams are so tough.

“Whatever it is that you’re known for, the next step to that, is what is it that you STAND for?”

“Who you are is always revealed within your platform. A platform can never make you, but it can reveal you.”

“There’s more than one reason why programs always win, and there’s more than one reason why programs always lose, so it’s important to decipher what those reasons are.”

“I have an affinity for those that had to overcome. I have an affinity for people and places and situations that categorically the media or the world says you can’t be successful there. I love those stories. I want to be their biggest cheerleader.”

“I think that our culture in a very distilled way is not for everyone, the people that it’s not for are probably more talented. You have to have a part of you that believes that what we do is something you need.”

“How you find Our Kind of Guys (OKG’s): Depends on the lens that you look through and the depth of what you want to look at such as talent, grades, or their capacity to work.”

“You can always tell about a leader by who they hire.”

“Learn in different worlds outside of basketball that you know nothing about and then translate in back into “Hokinese” (VT Basketball). Best place to learn and grow.”

“Everything below me will fail, if everything above me is not in alignment.”

“You can feel it if you’re aware of it, You can sense it if you’re in the presence of it. You can hear it if you’re listening for it, and you can see it if no words are ever spoken in regards to the alignment of an organization.”


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